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About me

After graduating high school with a science baccalaureate, I chose to study languages. Indeed, I found out that now our days languages play a major role. They allow us to travel and learn more about each other cultures.

That is the reason why I chose to study languages at the University of Orléans, France, to obtain a BA in modern languages English/German. After studying a commercial specialty for two years, I changed and turned to the translation specialty. During the last year of my BA, I discovered translation techniques, its history but also linguistics, German history and English-speaking countries…

After graduating, a master’s degree in Translation seemed to be the perfect path to fulfill my professional project of becoming a translator. Over these two years I improved my knowledge of the world of translation. I had the opportunity of being involved in very rewarding professional projects. I did two internships which allowed me to discover the job of a translator and the job of a project manager in a translation agency.

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I chose my translation fields according to my internships (optic, construction, geology, science), of my university projects (automotive, tourism, websites, technical documents, articles) but also according to my passions (cooking, blogs…)

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So, after five years of studying, I decided to start working as translator.

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